The Green Dream Bath Project Begins: Remediation

by Angelique on June 23, 2014

The Green Dream Bath project is finally off the ground! If you follow the Green Dream Bath board on Pinterest, you’ve seen me pin everything from mosaic tile to drywall mud. Now you can watch it all come together!

NOTE: I’m linking to the manufacturers or distributors of the products I use in order to be helpful to fellow canaries. No one’s paid for advertising here! In fact, they won’t know I’ve mentioned them until I publish this blog post.

Angelique's daughter and their dog pose on the tarp-covered plywood walkway

As a canary, it’s hard to clean and replace my carpet, so it’s important to protect it. Before any workmen even dreamed of walking through the bedroom, we put down a safe nylon camping tarp by Outdoor Products, placed a walkway of plywood, folded the tarp over the plywood, and secured it with Polyken 337 aluminum foil tape from Comfort Gurus. Here’s my kid, who helped cover the plywood, posing with our dog, who didn’t, unless you count sticking his nose in our faces every five second as “help.” He does.


Angelique hung a carbon blanket in front of the bedroom doors

The remediators completely sealed off the bathroom while they worked, but just in case, I closed the bedroom doors and hung a carbon blanket by Nirvana Safe Haven over them.


photo of the remediation truck through the window. The patio garden is visible.

Early Monday morning, AM/PM Restoration arrived! They worked a very long day, carefully removing and bagging every single thing in the bathroom, from the tile to the drywall to the cabinet to the fixtures. Everything went out the window! As I told the members of Canary Chat the next day, it was the quietest demolition I had ever heard. They have to be careful not to spread any mold around. Fortunately all the mold they found was stuck to the back of the tile and the mortar. They didn’t see any mold on the studs. Still, they sprayed everything heavily with hydrogen peroxide and left an air scrubber running for twenty-four hours.

canary on a perchNote for Canaries: When workmen need to protect or seal a portion of your home, some good choices for securing plastic are straight staples (the kind used in staple guns that don’t fold under,) aluminum foil tape, and telescoping or spring-loaded rods that reach from floor to ceiling.

Right after the treatment, that section of the house was pretty stinky, what with the peroxide and the wet wood. But once everything dried, that section of the house smelled better than it had in a long time.


Angelique's bathroom stripped down to the studs

And here’s the bathroom, ready to go!


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