A Halloween Horror Story

by Angelique on October 31, 2014

photo of a cake with cookie headstones and candy hands escaping from a cake graveOn Halloween, things come back from the dead, and so has our bathroom project. For a brief, blessed time, I was able to think of the bath remodel as “for all intents and purposes, finished,” but now once again it’s the PROJECT THAT WON’T DIE.

After being ever-so-careful with all of my materials and practices, and enjoying great voc-free success, I discovered I overlooked one major cause of indoor air pollution: naked plywood on the underside of the vanity counter open to the vanity interior.

Hey, Canaries — guess what happens when you mix a canary, an enclosed space, and naked plywood? Anyone? Anyone?

image of a quart of AFM Safecoat's SafeSealFortunately there is a fix for this. AFM Safecoat makes SafeSeal, a product that is specifically designed to trap VOCs. As far as I know — and more importantly, as far as my environmental-pollutant advisor Debra Lynn-Dadd knows — SafeSeal is the ONLY product on the market that specifically surpresses VOCs. If your Technical Brain hasn’t yet been eaten by zombies air fresheners, here’s more information you can download.

So next Tuesday my friend is going to give the naked plywood three coats of SafeSeal, which should solve the problem. Then once we replace the thermostat for our heater, replace the malfunctioning showerhead holder with free parts that are coming from the manufacturer, seal the grout and have the shower door installed, we will finally be done.

I hope this Halloween horror story hasn’t been too scary for you! I promise to post pics when I’m done, because it really does look nice. In the meantime, here’s a cute photo of a costumed puppy.

photo of a brown and white cavalier king charles spaniel wearing a king costume

Happy Halloween

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