On the Radio with Chemical Sensitivities

by Angelique on October 28, 2014

Image that says "People to People: Working together for your safety - Stan Salot, Jr.On October 28, 2014, I was a guest on the People to People: Working Together for Your Safety radio show hosted by Stan Salot.

Here is the description of the episode:


Chemicals play a major role in our daily lives. They are part of what we eat, where we work, and how we live. Despite their prevalence in our lives, many chemicals are hazardous, or toxic. Our built environments, including schools, residential areas, and places of work, can all be sites of hazardous chemical contamination. In fact, many toxic chemicals can be found right in our homes and appliances. Did you know that these pose serious challenges for chemically-sensitive people when buying and installing consumer electronics and appliances? Furthermore, these toxins are beginning to affect every consumer, including those who do not (yet) have a pronounced reaction to them. Join Stan and his guest, Angelique, to learn about managing chemical sensitivities and making right choices when purchasing appliances for ourselves and our loved ones.

You can listen to the show right here! It doesn’t look like it, but you can fast forward.


If the player above isn’t working for you, you can listen on the People To People VoiceAmerica website.


Photo of Stan Salot of the People to People radio showThank you, Stan, for inviting me to speak on your show!

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