The Green Dream Fire Pit and Barbeque

by Angelique on January 10, 2015

Photo from the Green Dreamhome patio of a dark bronze firepit filled with burning logs Here at the Green Dreamhome we grill with natural hardwood charcoal lit with beeswax firestarters or an electric “blow dryer,” and we burn hardwood logs in our mobile firepit.

We get a lot of logs when we trim our trees! These are from our ash and cottonwood trees. The ash logs are much better to burn.

photo of a stack of ashwood logs covered with a blue tarp stacked on the side of the Green Dreamhome


One great way to light a barbeque or firepit are natural beeswax firestarters. I buy them by the dozen from Once Upon A Hive.

Photo of a natural beeswax firestarter by Once Upon A Hive


We also use an electric device that is very much like a blow dryer. Here’s a closeup:

closeup of lighting natural lump charcoal in a grill with an electric firestarter blower


Here’s Alex standing by the fire he just lit.

alex of green dreamhome standing by the fire he lit in the fire pit


The most fun part of a fire pit is toasting marshmallows! So where can canaries get marshmallows made with natural flavor and color? And what if you need your marshmallows to be gluten-free? Try Dandies Vegan Marshmallows from the Natural Candy Store! They’re far tastier than ordinary supermarket marshmallows. Here’s what they look like:

Photo of a package of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows by Chicago Vegan Foods


Finally, here are two photos of our beautiful fire!

A photo of the Green Dreamhome firepit glowing with many intense colors


Photo of the Green Dreamhome firefit with tall flames engulfing large logs

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