The Green Dream Kitchen Tile is Pulverized!

by Angelique on March 17, 2015

Photo of the Green Dream Kitchen with the old, square white ceramic tile set on the diagonal

Our tile contractor, Jeff Summers, takes the challenges of servicing a chemically-sensitive customer very seriously. For that reason, he wanted to remove our tile and grind our floors with a minimum of dust. After all, who knows what might be lurking under our twenty-five-year-old tile?

We had already discovered that the areas under the cabinets once featured vinyl flooring.

Jeff recommended Arizona Home Floors, a company with a really unique service: extremely low-dust tile removal. The owner, Jack King, invented the “DustRam® Dust-Free Tile and Flooring Removal System.” It’s patent-pending, so I wasn’t allowed to photograph the equipment in use, but here’s something better: a video! After watching this and talking to them, I knew this was the right way to go.


Broken tiles all over the floor of the Green Dream Kitchen, vacuum hoses and the legs of workers

Here’s the old tile coming up! Although it doesn’t look like it here, they were actually able to save quite a few tiles, which is good in case we need them in the future to repair the floor in our back entryway.





Colorful rubble covers the cement of the Green Dream Kitchen floor

Here’s the rubble-covered floor after the tile was removed. I think this photo looks kind of cool!







And here’s the beautifully-smooth floor!

Photo of the perfectly clean and smooth cement of the Green Dream Kitchen after the tile-removal process is complete
Something else was removed, too! Can you tell what it is?

The DustRam® system lived up to its name. Normally tile removal throws dust everywhere, requiring heavy tenting of the area. This equipment works just like it does in the video, sucking up the dust as it’s being created.

Note for Canaries: If you’re using this service, be sure to tell them you’re chemically-sensitive. The process itself uses no additional products, but the company likes to give leave customer-appreciation scented candle packages. You’ll want to be sure they don’t bring that into your home.

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