Bugs and Mosquitoes and Flies, Oh My!

by Angelique on June 15, 2015

It’s the mosquito-and-fly time of year, and canaries have trouble finding repellents they can tolerate, even when worn by others. I have three recommendations for you today.

Photo of a bottle of Healing Tree Go 'Way Fly RepellentFirst is the product I’ve been using for three years now: Go ‘Way by Healing Tree.

Go ‘Way was invented by a veterinarian as a chemical-free fly repellent, but I’ve found that it works even better on mosquitoes. The active ingredients are oils of oils of cedar, peppermint and citronella, and it definitely smells like cedar, so be warned if you can’t tolerate that. Interestingly enough, artificial “cedar” makes me very ill, but the essential oil they use in this product is fine with me. It works because once you use it, you no longer smell like a mammal, so the bugs go someplace else. It does NOT cause the bugs — or the canaries using it — to become ill. I use it on myself as well as my horse. You can read more about it on the Healing Tree website.


Photo of a jar of EcoLicious Leave Me Be All Natural Equine Body BalmNext is a product I just started to use: EcoLicious Leave Me Be All Natural Equine Body Balm, which I purchased through Halo Horses. Yes, another equine product! This was invented to repel flies, mosquitoes and gnats. Like Go ‘Way, it works by disguising you and your horse. One of the active ingredients is eucalyptus, and for that reason, while I ordered it for my horse, I won’t be wearing it myself. (Eucalyptus is too strong for me!) It might be wonderful for other canaries, however. We’ve been using it on our horses for several days, and it works very well.

Sadly, not even the manufacturer website shows all the ingredients, which is strange, because they are 100% safe, which is a great selling point. Here they are: Sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, beesway, eucalyptus leaf oil, peppermint oil, organic hemp seed oil, coconut oil and rosemary leaf oil.


Colored pencil drawing of a mosquito by Clare RandtFinally, here’s a product that actively repels mosquitoes because they hate the way it smells: Mosquito Barrier, which is 99.something% garlic juice and a little citric acid to preserve it. I have a lot of experience with this product. Two years ago my friends used it on their property in Michigan before a big event. I’ve been using it on at my house in Arizona (on flood-irrigated mosquito-heaven property) ever since. To get the most out of it, invest in a good, professional-grade sprayer. For large properties, you may want to get a fogger. Here is a photo:

Photo of Angelique's B&G stainless and brass pressurized liquid sprayer

Ha! You thought it would be the product photo! Nope — it’s my awesome B&G stainless-and-brass pressurized sprayer!

And now it’s your turn! What chemical-free anti-bug tactics do YOU use?

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