Ask Angel

Twitter bird holding a sign that says "#AskAngel Mondays 10pm Eastern 7pm Pacific"

Ask Angelique Anything on Twitter!

#AskAngel is my weekly Twitter chat. For over three years, I have answered questions about anything and everything!

Day: Every Monday
Time: 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific
Hosted by: @afmarcom

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

Chemical-free Living
Gluten-free Cooking and Dining
Writing, Blogging and Social Media
Photoshop and Graphic Design
Our Personal Hobbies and Interests


(Note: I do not guarantee the veracity of “anything else” answers! ;)

On Monday, August 10, 2015, we experimented with a weekly topic. It’s pretty clear that I am not a weekly-topic sort of hostess. I’m an “arrive five minutes before the chat and hope I remember to send the reminders” hostess. If you feel lost and confused in a chat without a weekly topic, you can declare one of your own. If there are ten of you declaring simultaneous weekly topics, then the chat will be just the same as always, only with declarations. Also, we will have five more people than usual. But I will keep the cute puppy photo I used to announce the ill-fated weekly topic (pets) because puppy.

If you’d like to be mentioned in reminder Tweets, let me know on Twitter by tweeting to @afmarcom.

Read transcripts here!


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