Canary Chat Pinterest Board Rules

Here are the rules for the Canary Chat Pinterest Board


1. Products that you know or are very sure will work for canaries.

2. Warnings about products that aren’t as safe as promoted.

3. Articles that are specifically about the regulation of chemicals. This includes articles about people who are trying to have fragrances or chemicals banned, people who have been successful in this, and the progress of the Safer Chemicals Act.

5. Articles about new scientific findings about specific chemicals. I will remove articles with suspect science.

6. Links to your own blog posts about your own experiences as canaries.

7. Links to other people’s blog posts, articles or books about canary experiences.

8. Inspirational messages. Non-denominational is better, but we welcome all faiths. (That’s ALL faiths, for those of you who may not be comfortable with that.)

0. Your own arts and crafts, if you discuss the materials.



1. Articles that preach to the choir. The members of this board don’t need to be told that chemicals are bad for them.

2. Articles about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs.) This is simply not the place for that.

3. Articles about mold, unless they are articles about cleaning or remediating it.



Email me (Angelique) at, and send me the link to your Pinterest account.

You will need to follow at least one of my boards for me to add you to the group, and I will need to follow at least one of yours. My account is here:

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